Let's Solve Chronic Pains for Good!

Our physiotherapists bring over 20-years of experience in managing chronic pain and problems like scoliosis to find, solve, and prevent pain from ever returning.

Common Causes of Body Pain

Why do parts of our body ache or hurt even without trauma or injury? We took a holistic, balanced view of all our patients’ complaints, and identified three common causes of such pain:

Bad everyday posture is a major cause of chronic pain

Bad Everyday Posture

Ever been told to “Stand up straight” for good posture? That advice could have been straight up wrong and causing you unnecessary pain! 


Every one of us is unique. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, we can work with you to build one that fits you best!

Acquiring Poor Movement Habits

Everyday, we may be unconsciously developing movement habits that aren’t usually natural: Like swinging a golf club repeatedly, maintaining a strict dance posture, or even doing the dishes!

Our BalanceCore Approach will train you to continue doing these activities—but in the correct, most efficient, and pain-free way.

Poor movement habits causes muscles to ache unnecessarily
Underutilised muscles cause unnecessary strain on other muscles

Underutilised Muscles

Our body defaults to movement habits that we’re used to since young, like how we walk, sit or stand. The same muscle groups get used again and again, whilst others never get used at all. The result? An imbalance of overworked and lazy muscles that cause strain and weakness at the same time.

BalanceCore shows you easy ways to balance the use of all muscle groups, so your body moves, works and plays with better habits in pain-free harmony.

Find the root cause of your pain



Our BalanceCore Approach does more than correct pain. It teaches you easier and better ways to go about your daily life, and trains you in natural movement techniques to excel at sports, work or play.


Regain Structural Stability

Diagnosis & Correction

Resetting joints alignment, regain muscle relaxation, reduce myofascial tension, restore basic functions


Daily Motion with Ease

Change Your Habits

Relearning of balance control, forming good habits of daily tasks (e.g walking, climbing, squatting, lifting, computer and mobile phone usage etc)


Enhance Your Body's Performance

Optimise & Maintain

Targeted strengthening and conditioning to build powerful exertion with good mechanics, and learning strategies in injury prevention during activities

The Best of the East and West

We believe in a holistic approach to pain management, combining the best of both Eastern medicine and Western approaches.

Our experienced physiotherapists use a unique blend of techniques to help identify and address the root causes of pain, incorporating traditional Chinese medicine practices and natural movement techniques to promote total body harmony, peace, and power.

Lasting Results

Live pain-free with better movement habits

Lasting results that improve over time—your pain should not return!

Our physiotherapists focus on finding and addressing the root cause of your pain, rather than just treating the symptoms. By adopting healthier habits and movement techniques, you can enjoy long-lasting relief and improved quality of life.

Live better with new movement habits.

Our BalanceCore Approach teaches you how to move naturally and efficiently, avoiding unnecessary strain on your body. By developing good posture, balance, and movement habits, you can reduce the risk of developing chronic pain and injuries.

Approach pain from more holistic perspectives.

We believe in taking a balanced, whole-body approach to pain management. Our holistic approach also means that we take into account your lifestyle, habits, and overall health when designing a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs.

Welcome to a Pain-free Everyday

With our BalanceCore Approach, we can treat a wide variety of conditions, from head to toe, across all age groups. 


Regardless of where and when your pain manifests, you can count on us to solve it.

Other Areas of Pain We Can Treat





Arrange a Consultation

For maximum effectiveness, we only do thorough in-person consultations at our clinic in Novena.

What You Can Expect from Our Physiotherapy Sessions



  • Understanding your condition, lifestyle
    and habits
  • Evaluating your unique body structure
    and mechanics



  • Hands-on analysis and identifying the
    sources of your pain
  • Pinpoint exact restrictions that hold your
    body back from moving to its full potential



  • Force exertion and strength potential test
  • Accurately address the restrictions in your
    body that prevent full use of force



  • Training you to move correctly and remove
    bad habits that cause restriction
  • Helping you to recognise areas in your
    body that are underperforming



  • Alternative movements, postures and tips to replace your old habits
  • Teaching healthier alternative movements
    in performing your daily tasks



  • Ensure lasting results through strengthening and conditioning
  • Specialised training to perform your
    best at specific tasks or activities

Our Physiotherapists

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Principal Physiotherapist
Principal Physiotherapist
Senior Physiotherapist



david kuttan
david kuttan
Visited Balance core and I was really impressed by their ability to understand how my body muscles work. Just my first visit alone I was really benefited. They helped me find out the core problems and why I injure my hamstring every time I play physical games. Will definitely go again to learn more about my body movements.
Chloe Soo
Chloe Soo
Thank you Michael Yan⁩ for helping my girl to regain her mobility ? Initially I thought my girl has sprained her knee, but turn out it’s her tight ankle muscles that contributed to it. After releasing that tension and simple exercises, she can walk without pain anymore ?? indeed solving the root cause of her pain ? highly recommend you to visit Michael for any unresolved pain.
Josh Ng
Josh Ng
Physiotherapy session with Balance Core Physiotherapy Centre today. Michael Yan guided me on some muscle, flexibility and posture issues. When his hands are at work as a physiotherapist, I feel the warm, strong and caring touch! He identifies issues that need fixing and offers correction, and also taught me specific useful stretching exercises! Thank you Michael Yan!
Yizhao Siaw
Yizhao Siaw
Michael worked with me to solve my shoulder and lower back issues. Very professional and highly recommended.
Nigel Lew
Nigel Lew
No hard selling, no super-long treatment packages. They've helped me recover from pain without the need for long-term treatment. Highly recommended!
Pei Wen Loo
Pei Wen Loo
I had a wonderful session with Michael (Physiotherapist)! As i spent alot of time of mobile phone, laptop and gym, i have been dealing with bad neckaches and headaches for the past 3 years. This year, the pain was so bad that i couldn't sleep at night. So, I've spent alot of money on massage and even muscle relaxant to just make me feel better. But, I know they are short term solutions only. At the session today, Michael was able to identify the root of my problems, use scientific method to train my muscle to relax and even teach me how to stand, walk and lie-down properly. I felt relieved immediately. My first physiotherapy experience - a wonderful one. Highly recommended!
David Hugo M
David Hugo M
I was highly recommended to Mickael and I was certainly not disappointed by his assessment and work! I am dealing with some lower back issues and bulging disc, and Mickael knew straight away what to do with my existing problems and the ones around it. Thank you for your professionalism and care!
Patricia Tang
Patricia Tang
Dear Michael, Thank you very much for helping me in your treatment to understand the underlying causes of my pain built up over decades. Most importantly, you taught me how to address the causes of my excruciating, inflamed pain through exercises to manage my condition. I’ve learned much from each of your 1-hour physiotherapy session from the human anatomy and to the physiology which I did not get from my previous physiotherapist and chiropractor in Spore. The difference was you addressed the underlying causes of my decades of pain with the use of physiotherapy, acupressure and acupuncture whereas the others provided symptomatic treatment which at best provided little relief. Thank you very much, Michael for your professionalism. I’m grateful for your expertise. With great appreciation, Philip Cho 23/5/2023 (Sent on behalf of Philip)
Gwen Lee
Gwen Lee
Had been experiencing feet and hip pain for sometime and other treatments did not work. Came to Michael and he diagnosed the true cause of the issue to be coming from my neck which was affecting my posture. Have learnt a lot from him on how to correct my posture to prevent future recurrence of the pain. Highly recommend!
Ben Lim
Ben Lim
Hi, I had constant pain in my lower back down my right side of my leg for months. I was referred to Balance Core and met my physiotherapist, Lecindra. My life changed from here on. She was very professional and being chatty reduces the mental stress on my pain at every session. Now, my pain has reduced by alot and I can go back to do some of the physical exercises I enjoyed. It's truly a lifechanging experience for me.

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