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Biological differences between genders result in women often experiencing more severe musculoskeletal disorders than men. This necessitates specialised care tailored to women’s unique needs across various life stages, provided by our skilled Women’s Health specialist, Clare Tang.

Navigating the Unique Biological Stages of a Woman’s Life

Every stage in a woman’s life brings its own set of biological changes and challenges. From the hormonal fluctuations of puberty to the transformative years of pregnancy and the natural progression into menopause, each phase requires specialised attention and care. 

Our approach is tailored to navigate these unique stages effectively, providing support and treatment that respects the intricate nature of a woman’s body. Here’s how we address the needs at different times in a woman’s life.

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A Woman's Life Stages

What Can You Expect?

During puberty and the onset of menstruation, young women experience significant hormonal changes that can affect muscle and ligament performance. Increased flexibility in joints and ligaments during this time raises the risk of injuries.

Pregnancy introduces significant hormonal shifts, causing pain, swelling, and a greater likelihood of injuries. The physical demands of childbirth, whether vaginal or via Caesarean section, are substantial. Effective pre- and post-natal care, including structured physiotherapy and tailored exercises, is essential to ensure a healthy recovery and safe return to pre-pregnancy activities.

Menopause decreases estrogen levels, leading to reduced muscle size and strength, which can impact daily activities and increase muscle loss risk. The likelihood of osteoporosis and fractures escalates post-menopause, with women potentially losing up to 10% of their bone mass in the first five years. Physiotherapy plays a crucial role in enhancing bone health and muscle strength, helping women maintain an active lifestyle into their later years.

When should I see a Physiotherapist?

Understanding when to seek physiotherapy is crucial for maintaining your long-term health and well-being, especially through the unique phases of a woman's life. Whether you are planning for pregnancy, currently pregnant, postpartum, or navigating the changes of menopause, our specialised physiotherapy services are designed to support you.

Here are key stages when professional guidance can significantly enhance your quality of life and health outcomes.

Before Pregnancy

Begin physiotherapy early to address musculoskeletal issues that can intensify during pregnancy, enhancing comfort and confidence.

During Pregnancy

Engage in exercises tailored to your needs for better maternal and baby health, with professional guidance on safe practices to support a smoother labor.

After Pregnancy

Participate in post-operative rehabilitation to manage conditions like diastasis recti and other childbirth-related musculoskeletal changes, ensuring a quicker and safer recovery.

Beyond Childbearing Years

From perimenopause through post-menopause, continue physiotherapy to manage hormonal changes, maintain bone and muscle health, and support an active, independent lifestyle.


Our Women's Health Services

Women's Physiotherapy

For women experiencing musculoskeletal pain, our tailored treatments help alleviate pain and enhance mobility.

Diastasis Recti Management

Effective strategies to address and rehabilitate abdominal separation, commonly known as “Mummy Tummy.”

Low Back Pain Relief

Specialized care for women suffering from persistent low back pain.

Groin and Hip Pain Solutions

Targeted therapies to relieve pain and improve function in the groin and hip areas.

Comprehensive Physiotherapy for Pre- and Post-natal Care

Safe, personalised exercise programs for pregnant and postpartum women, along with targeted pain management treatments for breastfeeding mothers to address shoulder, neck, and upper back pain, and pain relief techniques for both female and male caregivers involved in childcare activities.

Osteoporosis Prevention for Perimenopausal Women

Exercise regimens designed to strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis in women over 40.



david kuttan
david kuttan
Visited Balance core and I was really impressed by their ability to understand how my body muscles work. Just my first visit alone I was really benefited. They helped me find out the core problems and why I injure my hamstring every time I play physical games. Will definitely go again to learn more about my body movements.
Chloe Soo
Chloe Soo
Thank you Michael Yan⁩ for helping my girl to regain her mobility ? Initially I thought my girl has sprained her knee, but turn out it’s her tight ankle muscles that contributed to it. After releasing that tension and simple exercises, she can walk without pain anymore ?? indeed solving the root cause of her pain ? highly recommend you to visit Michael for any unresolved pain.
Josh Ng
Josh Ng
Physiotherapy session with Balance Core Physiotherapy Centre today. Michael Yan guided me on some muscle, flexibility and posture issues. When his hands are at work as a physiotherapist, I feel the warm, strong and caring touch! He identifies issues that need fixing and offers correction, and also taught me specific useful stretching exercises! Thank you Michael Yan!
Yizhao Siaw
Yizhao Siaw
Michael worked with me to solve my shoulder and lower back issues. Very professional and highly recommended.
Nigel Lew
Nigel Lew
No hard selling, no super-long treatment packages. They've helped me recover from pain without the need for long-term treatment. Highly recommended!
Pei Wen Loo
Pei Wen Loo
I had a wonderful session with Michael (Physiotherapist)! As i spent alot of time of mobile phone, laptop and gym, i have been dealing with bad neckaches and headaches for the past 3 years. This year, the pain was so bad that i couldn't sleep at night. So, I've spent alot of money on massage and even muscle relaxant to just make me feel better. But, I know they are short term solutions only. At the session today, Michael was able to identify the root of my problems, use scientific method to train my muscle to relax and even teach me how to stand, walk and lie-down properly. I felt relieved immediately. My first physiotherapy experience - a wonderful one. Highly recommended!
David Hugo M
David Hugo M
I was highly recommended to Mickael and I was certainly not disappointed by his assessment and work! I am dealing with some lower back issues and bulging disc, and Mickael knew straight away what to do with my existing problems and the ones around it. Thank you for your professionalism and care!
Patricia Tang
Patricia Tang
Dear Michael, Thank you very much for helping me in your treatment to understand the underlying causes of my pain built up over decades. Most importantly, you taught me how to address the causes of my excruciating, inflamed pain through exercises to manage my condition. I’ve learned much from each of your 1-hour physiotherapy session from the human anatomy and to the physiology which I did not get from my previous physiotherapist and chiropractor in Spore. The difference was you addressed the underlying causes of my decades of pain with the use of physiotherapy, acupressure and acupuncture whereas the others provided symptomatic treatment which at best provided little relief. Thank you very much, Michael for your professionalism. I’m grateful for your expertise. With great appreciation, Philip Cho 23/5/2023 (Sent on behalf of Philip)
Gwen Lee
Gwen Lee
Had been experiencing feet and hip pain for sometime and other treatments did not work. Came to Michael and he diagnosed the true cause of the issue to be coming from my neck which was affecting my posture. Have learnt a lot from him on how to correct my posture to prevent future recurrence of the pain. Highly recommend!
Ben Lim
Ben Lim
Hi, I had constant pain in my lower back down my right side of my leg for months. I was referred to Balance Core and met my physiotherapist, Lecindra. My life changed from here on. She was very professional and being chatty reduces the mental stress on my pain at every session. Now, my pain has reduced by alot and I can go back to do some of the physical exercises I enjoyed. It's truly a lifechanging experience for me.

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