Ultrasound feature

Therapeutic ultrasound is used by our physiotherapists to enhance and speed up the normal healing process of the body. Ultrasound therapy uses the mechanical vibration from high frequency sound waves (that are not audible to the human ear) to stimulate tissue cells.


When applied to injured tissue during different phases of recovery, ultrasound therapy can help to:

Optimise the inflammatory process to speed recovery

Facilitate remodelling which is the process of re-aligning scar tissues in the optimal orientation or direction

Improve blood flow

Break down excessive scar tissue

The use of ultrasound is typically painless, but in people with acute inflammation, there may be a slight prickly sensation when ultrasound is applied over the injured tissues.


Common conditions that can benefit from ultrasound therapy as part of a holistic physiotherapy treatment include:

Ankle Sprains

Knee Ligament Sprain

Shoulder Pain from Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy

Joint or Soft Tissue Inflammation

Acute Injuries (e.g., Whiplash)