Ng Lee Kheng Judith, Service Crew Food n Beverage

I was very glad and blessed that my surgeon had recommended me to attend Balance CORE. There are two physiotherapist at Balance CORE but I chose Ms Mayuri as i felt I would be more comfortable with a female physiotherapist. Before I attended my first session, I had just finished my back surgery. I was not even able to lift my legs off the bed and my hands could hardly reach my calf when I bent forward. Ms Mayuri taught me various exercises to strengthen my core muscles as well as to train the other parts of the body to become more flexible. She patiently explained the purpose of each exercise. Whenever I felt discomfort or pain in certain areas, she would correct my posture and showed me how to ease the discomfort. In addition, Ms Mayuri also used manual therapy for my stomach to ease the tension. She even taught me the correct way to squat and stand up using my backside muscles instead of the back muscles. These provided a huge relieve for me. After every session with her, I realised that I got better and felt Good!

I deligently did all the exercises she taught me atleast three times a day or as per her instructions at home. During the sessions, I would show her what I have been practising. Whenever I felt that I did not do a particular exercise correctly, she would ask me to show her how I did it and she would provide her guidance immediately.

After 7 sessions with her, I am able to do a lot of things that I was unable to do before. Now I can lift both legs off the bed, bend forward and touch the floor with my hands and rely on my core muscles. Due to an improved posture, there is also less pressure on my back.

I am really appreciative of what Ms Mayuri has done for me. Well done and keep up the good work Ms Mayuri! I am so thankful to have met you! I am good now and will continue to do my exercises every day. Best Wishes