Ms Mabel Tan

I am happily married with a daughter, worked In a Finance Department and just retired at the age of 60. Was in good health until this knee operation. In August, this year I had total knee replacement on my right leg. I was referred to a Physiotherapist. Mr Michael Yan of BalanceCore Pte Ltd.
After a few sessions of therapy with Michael, I could bend my knee easily and walk with confidence.

What I like about Michael, is that he is very professional, knowledgeable, skilful and very patient. He help me solve my problem, when I had back aches. He taught me some exercises, which I did at home. The one I like most is the ‘Life Energy Exercise’ using the Life Energy Ball. What he did for me and doing his exercises have ease my back aches.

Lastly, when I experienced some cracking sound on my left knee, he again did some physio and taught me some exercises too.Michael is a very good Physiotherapist and I am very happy with his services. I will strongly recommend him to anyone who needs physio.