Mariana, Working Mother from Indonesia

I have been suffering from pain at my shoulder and upper back for a very long time. I have done regular massage so many times, but it never got better, It only gave me a temprorary relief, until recently it became a bother to me. I was suggested by my Physician to do Physiotherapy. I was advised to do a short course during my short visit to singapore. Within 3 days of treatment, I feel a lot better in many ways. It’s not only making me better for a short period, rather I feel my body has improved a lot and become different in a very good way. Initially, I thought my pain at my left shoulder would never get better, but now I realize after doing exercise, my pain is lesser. I would feel very tight and painful whenever I turned my head to the left but now the pain and tightness is completely gone. Thanks to my Therapist Mayuri for a big help.