Ho Chui Hong

I am blessed to be referred to Ms Mayuri for Physiotherapy treatment for my condition.

In second half of 2017, I experienced great pain on my left leg while walking and I also walked with a limp as my leg was weak. A colleague of mine who was previously treated by Mayuri suggested that I consult her for advice.

During my first visit to BalanceCORE, Mayuri went through a thorough assessment of my condition with many questions asked. She was detailed and meticulous in her checking. She pointed out that there were pinched nerves on my lower back and hence affecting my mobility.

Mayuri taught me various different exercises for stretching and exercises that strengthen my core and leg muscles.  During each session, she would review my progress, correct my mistake, introduce new pose and exercise routine where necessary. She would demo and explain in detail the correct muscles to use. She also took photos to help me remember the correct way of exercise.

Over the months, I saw great improvement in my condition. The pain had lessened and I walked more steadily and longer distance.

Though my condition had improved, the Orthopedic Surgeon advised that I should proceed with surgery to fix the herniated disc to avoid damages to the pinched nerves. I had done the surgery about 2 months ago and will be returning to Balance Core soon for follow up.

I am grateful to Mayuri for her care and guidance during the period when I was with her.