Eileen Chua

I have suffered hand, back and chest pains for years and is being recommended to Chloe by my family doctor. Chloe has done a superb job in removing the pains and guiding me on my daily postures to prevent the recurring pains. Chloe is also very patient and take time and effort to explain in details why I had the pain due to the connection of the muscles and my wrong postures which I am not aware all these years. She has identified the root cause of them. Chloe is also very professional,  encouraging and reassuring whenever I was lost to the exercises movements that she taught me. She will fine tune the exercises accordingly for me to make it easier to practice. Thumbs up! My pains has definitely reduced and almost gone after my 9 sessions with Chloe. Strongly recommend Chloe to anyone who suffered from body pains. Once again, thanks Chloe and appreciate your help! Wishing you happiness and health always. Cheers