Cheryl Chua

Very grateful to have found Balance Core. Michael’s skills are simply amazing and he has been a very encouraging. I could already feel a difference after the 1st session. I’ve been seeing other physiotherapists over the last one year for pain, mainly due to spondylosis of the neck and lower back. Honestly, I was somewhat skeptical when I first came to Balance Core as I have been given the impression that my pain will be chronic and won’t get any better anymore. My doctor left me on an open date as he had nothing new/better to offer, my acupuncturist could only offer temporary relief and I think my physiotherapist treated me like I have fibromyalgia.

It’s been 2 months, both the intensiveness and extent of my pain has reduced. I don’t need to resort to painkillers as often as I used to. As I now get a better understanding of the cause of my pain, I feel more empowered in managing my condition. Will definitely recommend this place!