Bernice How

I can not imagine not being able to do sports and just settled on daily activities.  What freedom means to me is more than just that. So I feel very frustrated when my knee pain keeps bothers me whenever I squat down or cross leg. I looked for Michael for help after the condition wasn’t able to get better on its own.

In fact, this wasn’t the first time I am back. Michael was patience and understanding towards my condition. I think his initial assessment was great! He was with me right from my first visit till the end of 6 weeks therapy. Of course, after each session, I have been faithfully practicing at home.

I am delighted that I can be my normal self again & I can never thank you enough.

You affect so many people by the meaningful work you are doing, so when I wish you luck I am actually wishing many people an improved life! Thank you for working hard and making a difference and best wishes to you and all those working in Balance Core!