Abraham Siaw

I am the father of Abraham Siaw, five years ago my wife and I discovered that Abraham has scoliosis. We were devastated, lost and helpless. Abraham’s health tormented us.

We asked around for advice and help. We consulted children hospital and paediatrician to no improvement. Some of our friends suggested Chiropractic treatment, and we signed up for a very expensive treatment package (which excludes very expensive X-Ray imaging) for Abraham hoping his health will improve. We were disappointed with the results. We were desperate for help.

During our BNI meeting, many of our members gave positive testimonies to Michael Yan of BALANCECORE PHYSIOTHERAPY CENTRE. Many shared how Michael has helped them eased their pains and improved their health. We decided to seek Michael’s help.

From the first session, we can see significant improvement in Abraham’s posture. We are confident that Michael can help Abraham, and we asked Michael for a package to sign up, and he ‘rejected’ us politely. ‘No need for the package, we can address Abraham’s issue in a few sessions’ claimed Michael. We were surprised and but delighted. True to his words Abraham’s posture has improved, and after four treatments he was discharged.

Words cannot express how much we appreciate Michael’s help; he solved our miseries, helped our son’s health. Michael is our family hero.

I strongly recommend Michael without reservation.