TECAR Therapy

TECAR Therapy feature

TECAR therapy is one of the adjunct and optional electrophysical modalities that our physiotherapists use to facilitate recovery and reduce pain as part of our Integrated Balance Approach. TECAR is a form of bio-stimulation that uses high-frequency electromagnetic energy to accelerate the body’s natural ability to recover. TECAR means capacitive and resistive electric transfer, and the acronym was created from the Spanish term Transferencia Eléctrica Capacitiva Resistiva.


The electromagnetic field generates heat within the biological tissues between two electrodes placed on the skin to allow targeted application of energy to affected tissues. This heat causes vasodilation (i.e. widening of blood vessels) that increases the exchange of substances in and out of tissue cells. TECAR also creates synaptic interference (i.e. blocking) on nociceptors (i.e. pain receptors in the body) and stimulates endorphin production to aid in relieving pain. The use of TECAR is pleasant and soothing – some people describe the sensation like receiving a hot stone massage – making it a helpful modality in managing painful conditions.


TECAR can be used in conjunction with other physiotherapy treatment techniques as part of a holistic approach to help with:

Speeding Up Tissue Healing

Relieving Pain

Improving Circulation