Stiff neck and shoulder, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, recurrent back and leg stiffness, plantar fasciitis, …. There are many problems associated with today’s work and life style. Overuse injuries from work or sports are usually result of improper posture, muscle imbalance, wrong techniques, etc. They can be well managed with good posture practice, ergonomic adjustment, adequate flexibility and strengthening exercises.

When it comes to exercise, one needs to be aware that exercise is NOT necessarily the more, the better. Proper exercise can make you stronger, inappropriate exercise or working habits can also cause injuries. The choice of type, intensity, and duration of exercises needs to be carefully considered in order to achieve ideal benefits and avoid overuse injuries.

To solve all these overuse injuries, we need to identify the root problems and restore the overall integrative balance. Our team at Balance CORE is highly experienced to address risk factors that may lead to injuries at work or during sports, and facilitate speedy recovery & prevent recurrence after an injury.

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