Yan Yong (Michael)

Clinical Director

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Mr. Yan Yong (Michael), Clinical Director and Founder, started practicing as a Physiotherapist since 1999.


He obtained a Masters degree in Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy from the University of South Australia. Having worked in public and private hospitals, he founded BalanceCore Physiotherapy Centre with the aim of fully curing his clients of their pain, instead of just short-term relief. He conceptualised the BalanceCore Approach, and has continuously grown and developed over the years. Today, it is practiced by our entire team and forms the foundation of success for our centre, having helped thousands of individuals from all walks of life regain long-term recovery for their chronic pain and injury.


Besides clinical work, he is passionate about teaching others. He is a mentor to fellow physiotherapists in Singapore and beyond, such as Indonesia and China. He is also a regular speaker, often engaged to educate the public on various critical topics related to physical health and wellness.


His dream is to help millions of people around the world gain freedom of movement and health through the BalanceCore Approach, and leaving a legacy in the physiotherapy community.

He speaks both English and Chinese fluently, and is beginning to pick up Bahasa Indonesia as well.