Ms Kathy Wong

Senior Physiotherapist

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Kathy graduated with a Physiotherapy Degree from Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia in 1993. She worked in National University Hospital for 16 years. In her 16 years in NUH, she had extensive clinical experience working with patient from all disciplines – Orthopaedics, Cardiopulmonary, Gerontology, Surgical Wards, and Neurology.


In 1998 she went on a three-month MOH HMDP (Hospital Manpower Development Programme) Scholarship for Oncology Rehabilitation in the top 3 Cancer Centres in the United States. On return, she specialises in Oncology rehabilitation while continuing to work in other disciplines.


In Dec 2010, she joined Singapore Heart Foundation as a Senior Physiotherapist doing Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation. Singapore Heart Foundation runs the first community-based facility for Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation in Singapore. In this platform, she has handled cardiac patients extensively from all works of life, all presenting with different co-morbidities. This decade long stint at SHF has honed her judgment and management of cardiac patients, and in particular, the issues that cardiac patients face. Her passion is to lead them on a journey that would enable them to reduce the effects of their co-morbidities, as well as augment their cardiovascular status, fitness, and well-being so as to achieve a satisfying quality of life.