Tang Wei Jung Clare

Principal Physiotherapist

Clare graduated with a First Class Honours Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from Trinity College Dublin. She practised as a physiotherapist and headed a team in the musculoskeletal outpatient department in Changi General Hospital (CGH) before joining Balance Core Physiotherapy Centre. She brings with her a passion for patient-centred rehabilitation in which she believes a two-way partnership is key to ensuring best outcomes for her patients.


With her keen interest in holistic care, she further pursued a postgraduate Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Science at the University of Melbourne with a focus on Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Women’s Health, and Health Behaviour Change.


In her years of specialised practice in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, Clare has successfully treated a wide range of patients — those with acute sporting injuries and acute pain in the Accident and Emergency Department, as well as those with chronic, long-standing pain either after an injury or due to postural habits.


She has worked extensively with patients with spinal conditions, upper and lower limb injuries, and women’s health related musculoskeletal conditions. Clare is also a certified Clinical Pilates and Kinesiotaping practitioner.


Beyond clinical work, Clare has been actively involved in teaching undergraduate physiotherapy students from the Singapore Institute of Technology and other tertiary institutions, as well as mentoring junior physiotherapists in the field of musculoskeletal physiotherapy since 2016. She has also been involved in clinical research and presented internationally at a Physiotherapy Congress in 2013, and is an author of an ongoing publication as of 2021.