Chloe Ng

Senior Physiotherapist

After receiving her Bachelors of Physiotherapy (Hons.) from the Trinity College of Dublin, Chloe excelled in the areas of orthopaedic, neurology and musculoskeletal physiotherapy at Changi General Hospital. Chloe conducted weekly hydrotherapy classes for a plethora of patients with varying spinal and knee ligament injuries. Chloe’s experience meant she was heavily involved in the rehabilitation of stroke, spinal cord injuries, post-surgical and sport injuries patients of the hospital.


Chloe was the leading sports physiotherapist for Singapore Management University’s volleyball and rugby teams during the inter-university games in 2018-2019 season. This led Chloe to join Balance Core Physiotherapy Centre to pursue her interest in sports physiotherapy where she helps patients recover from sports injuries in the fastest time possible, allowing patients to return to their peak sports performance and reclaim their identity.


Now she is working with the leading tennis training club in Singapore to provide injury prevention education programmes and sports rehabilitation to their members, players and coaches.


Chloe has absolute conviction in empowering her patients with the knowledge to improve their quality of life and prevent years of unnecessary injury, pain and suffering by actively speaking and hosting live webinars for the public. In line with sharing her knowledge, she also spends time upgrading her own practical skills and is certified in spinal manipulation and dry needling.


Chloe engages in weight and high-intensity interval training at the gym. She understands spoken Malay and speaks both English and Mandarin fluently.