What makes Balance Core Physiotherapy Unique? 

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Over the years of treating patients with various injuries and discomfort, we have clearly observed a persistent issue with our present-day health care practices. That is most of the standard treatments are focusing on solving the immediate symptoms and injuries, but little effort has been spent on identifying the underlying root causes and intervene at the root of the problems.

For example when a patient is complaining of swollen finger joints, the usual medical treatment is to prescribe medications to reduce inflammation, advice resting the hand, and doing some simple joint flexibility exercises. However what is the cause of the finger swelling? Why the finger joints are subjected to excessive stress? How can the patient perform hand tasks without over-stressing the finger joints? These are important questions but rarely answered. In the end once the patient goes back to the usual activities after the recovery of the previous strain, the same finger joints can get injured again.

Many people suffer from chronic osteoarthritis but they were told that it is part of aging and the advice is to just cut down on activities, and eventually get a joint replacement surgery. However it is actually not a normal part of natural aging, but rather consequence of excessive mechanical loading. Given proper adjustment in the posture and movement, it can stop deteriorating, and the person’s activity may not need to be cut down eventually.

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Basically, the fundamental causes of most musculoskeletal injuries without trauma, are to do with inappropriate movement habits which overly stress certain parts of the body beyond the tolerance level. If the underlying errors in movement habits can be accurately identified, and properly corrected, the parts of the body that are subjected to excessive stress can finally have a proper opportunity to recover fully. When the body is behaving in a healthy manner, there will be minimal chance for future injury again.

It is with the passion to treat all injuries from the root problems and prevent recurrence of injury that we have founded Balance Core Physiotherapy Centre (Singapore). As physiotherapists with deep understanding of human bio-mechanics, we can accurately identify the errors in each patient’s behaviors and the mechanism that lead to the injury. Our founder Mr Michael Yan has conceptualized the Integrative Balance Approach of human function. We have been consistently helping thousands of patients recover from chronic injuries and body aches, and live a pain-free life.

The Integrative Balance Approach of human function means that in order for our body to exert force effectively to complete various tasks, the body must achieve balance of several factors at the same time, as shown in the following diagram: Integrative Balance Circle

When the body position or movement habits are not following the integrative balance principle, certain parts of the body will have to bear excessive force loading, or move excessively beyond the healthy range, thus leading to injury and pain. Different error movement patterns will lead to different injuries.

Based on the integrative balance principle, we have formulated a streamlined treatment process that systematically help our patients correct their movement errors, and adopt healthy habits that is optimized to perform their functional tasks. This treatment process is illustrated below: Integrative Balance Approach Circle

Our vision is to be the best physiotherapy Clinic in Singapore, and help millions of people around the world to finally stop worrying about their injuries and live a powerful life!

Common Treatment methods include:

Radiofrequency TECAR Therapy
Therapeutic ultrasound
Neck & back traction
Manual Therapy
Myofascial release
Trigger point release
Joint mobilization and manipulation
Facilitated stretch
Posture enhancement
Gait training
Core control training
Specific muscle activation
Kinetic chain exercises
Work / sports specific exercises
Life Energy Exercises
Ergonomic adjustment / advice
Dry needling
Sports taping
Supportive Braces and Scoliosis Bracing
SHAPECRUNCH customized foot In-soles