Manual Therapy

manual therapy

Manual therapy is a specialised area of physiotherapy used in the management of neuromuscular conditions. It consists of various hands-on techniques that target joints, muscles, fascia and soft tissue. Manual therapy is rarely used on its own. Instead, as part of the Integrated Balance Approach conceptualised at Balance Core, our physiotherapists use a range of manual therapy techniques together with technology, specific corrective exercises, and optional therapy modalities to manage patients’ concerns. The choice of technique is based on our physiotherapists’ clinical reasoning after performing a comprehensive assessment of each patient to ensure that treatment is specific yet holistic for every patient’s unique problem and needs.


Our physiotherapists at Balance Core are skilled in manual palpation which uses hands-on touch to identify problematic areas as part of our comprehensive assessment approach to determine the root cause of your pain. As an extension of manual palpation, our physiotherapists will use manual therapy which involves hands-on touch, pressure, and movement to address your pain and improve function.


Research shows that manual therapy is effective in improving pain and function through both neurophysiological and psychological mechanisms. Manual therapy improves joint and soft tissue mobility, as well as stimulates tissue healing and remodelling after injury. Some examples of manual therapy techniques include:

Myofascial Release

Joint Mobilisation and Manipulation

Spinal Mobilisation and Manipulation

Manual Traction

Scar Tissue Mobilisation

Nerve Mobilisation

Hands-on techniques are particularly useful in people with:

Joint Stiffness and Loss of Mobility (e.g., Frozen Shoulder)

Neck Pain

Back Pain


Jaw Pain


Acute/Sports Injuries

Manual therapy is an important part of our Integrated Balance Approach that restores structural balance to prepare our patients for corrective exercises and postural education to improve postural control and strength balance for long-term improvement in pain and prevention of reinjury.