If you’re having a constant pain or weakness somewhere in your body, and it doesn’t get better even after some treatment, don’t just give up hope yet. In many cases it doesn’t mean you’re having a condition that can’t be cured. It only means that the root problem hasn’t been found yet.Just think of our body as a combination of more systems which fit and work together. If we’re to be functioning properly and trouble-free, all these systems must be in the right place, and do their job well. When one area is out of tune because of various reasons, then inevitably the connected areas will suffer too.

Find Your Integrated Balance

At Balance Core, we believe that our human body is designed to be in balance with itself. However it is not just about standing on your feet stably, multiple factors must be in balance together for our body to function optimally. Therefore we name it as integrated balance. That means our body has to reach an integrated stability between:

  • Weight distribution
  • Flexibility
  • Muscle strength
  • Mental control
  • Internal functions

When parts of our body go out of balance with the rest of it, then our body has to cope with this imbalance. To do that, it will put pressure and stress over certain areas, which leads to pain and degeneration.

Apart from traumatic injury, most of our sufferings are caused by such imbalance. Including most of the degenerative changes that people usually associate with aging. People may think that our body a bound to get degenerative joints when we get older. However in fact some elderly can even finish marathon while some young people are also experiencing degeneration at their spine or knees. Therefore the root issue is not aging itself but how we stress our body in our daily life.

Many apparently separate complaints may well be a result of the same lack of harmony. In fact, the area you experience discomfort may not be the location of the root problem at all.

For example, for someone with an overly prominent and painful foot bunion, the injured joint is in the big toe. However, the root problem is usually caused by a shift forward in the pelvic region, along with an excessive inward rotation of the thigh.

That commonly happen to people who constantly wear high heels.

The result of such wrong posture is excessive pressure over the big toe area. Besides, the collapse of the inner foot arch can also cause the big toe deformity over time.

With the same wrong posture, one may also experience knee pain, back pain, groin pain, and so on.

That is why the treatment for this should not just focus on changing the foot alignment. The cure should adjust the actual source of imbalance, which is the pelvic and hip region. If the treatment is only targeting the foot, you’ll get a short-term relief at best.

If you are experiencing pain from more than one part of the body, they could be resulting from one cause. When we find the link between all the symptoms, we can then effectively correct the core imbalance.

Therefore, many problems you are facing may be treated and improved together!

At Balance Core, our physiotherapists are well trained experts in body dynamics. As such, we will be able to identify and treat both the immediate nuisance, as well as the core issues. This is why you’ll not only get short term improvement, but also long term benefits!