Almost 100% of back pain cases for tennis players have a peculiar tendency of lacking physical abnormalities. Instead, they present an interesting pattern involving fractures, stressed discs, and spines. What are the possible causes of back pain in this manner? Read along to find out what they are, and some possible remedies.

Movements while exercising stresses the spine since they involve stopping and starting severally. The exercises cause the body to rotate a lot, twisting the backbone in the process. The back muscles have too much work to support the trunk’s consistent movement while serving the tennis ball.

Other triggers of back pain for tennis players include the following.

Wrong posture while playing tennis. As a tennis player, you may subject your lower back to excessive pressure when you lean with your head forward.

Serving forces the lower back to stretch extensively. As such, it applies stress on ligaments, tendons, and lumbar discs.

The hardness of the tennis court applies pressure on one side of the body.

How to Prevent back Pain for tennis players

Warm-Up by Stretching before You Play

tennis stretching

Learn the right exercises for your core muscles and exercise every time before playing tennis. Focus more on stretching exercises to train your body to absorb shock from sudden moves while playing. Serious jogging around the tennis court and arm exercises are also an excellent way of preventing Back Pain in Tennis Players and preparing your back.

Check the Way You Serve

Since the way you serve is one of the causes of back pain, you may need to be careful with your technique. Be very specific on how you want your body to rotate or stretch with every service move you make. Avoid approaching the ball from the top at any given time.

Instead, try to apply the slice serve, which approaches the ball from the sides. The move protects your spine instead of the top-spin, which forces the lower back muscles to overstretch. It also applies a lot of compression force on the lumbar disks.

Watch Your Posture

Do not take a posture that adds stress to your abdominal muscles and spine as this will lead to more back pain for tennis players. Also, avoid leaning your shoulders forward and rounding your back. Whatever method you use to prevent the wrong posture is welcome.

A creative way of achieving the correct posture would involve bending the knees and deliberately holding the abdomen’s muscles. Any professional coach can teach you how to take the right position while playing tennis. There are also many physiotherapists in Singapore who not only treat but advise on preventive measures too.

Use the Right Equipment

Your equipment involves shoes, racquet, and balls. Due to the nature of the tennis game, the type of footwear you use is very critical. The shoes must be able to support the sudden movements in all the sides. They must be able to absorb shock from the hardcourt and have good traction.

The racquet’s strings should have a strong, but not so tightly-knit tension to resist the ball’s force. Also, avoid any form of wetness, whether in the ball or the court. A professional coach can guide you properly on the right state of the equipment to help prevent tennis players’ back pain.

Avoid Playing on a Hard Court

A relatively soft tennis court is friendlier to the spine. Luckily, most tennis courts nowadays are factoring the aspect of slipperiness. Instead of the sudden stops of hard surfaces, leading causes of back pain, you can easily slide to where the ball is on modern tennis courts.

Common Symptoms of Back Pain

  • A sudden, sharp, prolonged pain on the lower side
  • The pain tends to concentrate more on one side of the back
  • After some time, the pain engulfs the buttocks and thighs
  • Difficulty in sitting and standing for a long time
  • Muscles spasms

What You Can Do About the Pain

The first instinct you get is right when you suddenly start feeling uncontrollable lower back pain, rest. Even then, you cannot rest for more than 24 hours on your bed. Hence you can use other possible remedies such as drugs and ice and exercises.

Examples of Remedy Exercises:

  • Stretch your lower back by squatting and supporting your hands on a strong table or chair every morning after waking up.
  • Try spinal extension exercise regularly by kneeling and supporting yourself with your hands on the ground. Stretch the right knee and the left arm simultaneously and vice versa.
  • Consult a professional coach for a series of balance exercises.
  • Seek Treatment and Advice In Case the Pain Persists

You may be able to prevent back pain as a tennis player if you observe all the possible preventive measures. Despite that, some ache can be so persistent that your efforts may bear very little fruit. Nevertheless, you are not ready to stop playing tennis yet.

If you are a tennis player in Singapore, you are lucky to have access to almost everything you need. You may have access to the best courts, gyms, professional coaches, and medical assistance. Reach out to physiotherapists in Singapore who can help you recover from back pain and return to the court.