Scoliosis is an unnatural curve in the spine that affects countless people across the globe. The vertebrae can take the shape of an S or a C. Severity ranges from being mild to very harsh. Children and young adults begin to see symptoms in their teenage years. Worse forms of this malady can create breathing trouble and deformities. You must seek out treatment for any level of scoliosis, as the illness progresses over time. Managing the problem earlier on can prevent the unwanted consequences of neglect.

Many afflicted with the ailment have resigned themselves to believing there is not much they can do to fix their curve. Of course, some surgeries can help to correct bends in the spine, but they cannot completely cure the issue. It is a common myth that scoliosis sufferers should avoid exercise. On the contrary, exercise can be a wonderful workout for your curved spine granted it does not become too strenuous. It is time to take back your confidence! You can do everything that the world can do. Do not let your condition bring you down.

There are various other forms of scoliosis treatment; however, there is one option that physiotherapy professionals consider an ideal approach. Swimming with scoliosis can surprisingly bring a lot to the table. The benefits of swimming for those spinally impaired heavily outweigh the disadvantages. Physiotherapists in Singapore especially recommend this method as it is not only easy but can bypass scary scenes of surgeries and hospitals. Try this technique for marvelous results.

Benefits of Swimming

Swimming with scoliosis strengthens the muscles in the back. It is endorsed due to its ease on the spine compared to other sports like track or basketball. Water effectively reduces pressure on the backbone as you float above the surface. Your body will feel a bit of resistance when in the water; this is strengthening those muscles in just the desired way. Initially, your stamina might take a beating but with determination can return over time. Specific areas of the back cannot be targeted. Instead, the whole back is the focus point. Swimming can potentially treat your curve by a few degrees over time. It can even regulate breathing for those in more extreme instances. Your lungs will have a chance to reinvigorate during all your exertion. Additionally, cold water in pools can boost blood circulation.

Scoliosis patients find this sport enjoyable because of the physical benefits it offers. Despite its favorable status, it is imperative to practice the activity in limited amounts. Swimming with scoliosis may rid of adverse pressure on the spine though too many hours spent at one given time can be hurtful. While exercising, your back endures many movements like flattening and arching. Depending on your type of scoliosis this does not bode well. This is not to say avoid this type of training altogether; just regulate yourself. Do not miss the benefits of swimming for yourself!

  • Soothes back pain
  • Toughens back muscles
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Potentially treats curve by a few degrees
  • Favored method of scoliosis treatment

The Burdens of Scoliosis

Swimming is a fantastic way to cope with scoliosis. Since most cases are not fixable with surgery this seems the best option. There is always a list of cons to pros, however, and water sports with scoliosis is no different. The previous paragraph mentions restricting your time spent exercising. Any action that causes a flat or arched back has the potential to stimulate advancement of the ailment. Extended periods of time regularly spent doing this sport can worsen your curve a bit. Your body can only reap the benefits of swimming for so long until it is time to rest. This preferred scoliosis treatment requires some give and take.

Left unmanaged, scoliosis can wreak havoc on your body. Chronic back pain will worsen as time goes on. Your legs may experience tingling or numb sensations. Fatigue may become an issue. Breathing difficulty can occur due to the position and pressure upon the lungs. Heart problems can occur though are very rare to stem from scoliosis.

The disability can cause permanent disfigurement such as sway back when the curve of the spine reaches too far in or out. Legs and shoulders might even be at different heights. Hips that protrude to one side are common. Swimming may not be able to completely cure this disorder but it can help put your symptoms at ease. You might try this tactic of pain relief and find yourself feeling much better.

  • Escalating chronic back pain
  • Numb spots or tingling
  • Fatigue and exhaustion
  • Breathing problems
  • Physical deformities

Scoliosis might be a life-altering condition but the pain that comes with it can be managed. Whether your situation be moderate to extreme there are ways to provide yourself comfort. Swimming provides miraculous results by erasing some pain and building up your back. The benefits make the activity the most recommended solution for pain management. Thousands of people around the planet use this method as their go-to scoliosis pain relief. It certainly beats relying completely on medicine to take away discomfort.

You should never let scoliosis exist untreated. You may not want to have any surgical procedures done and that is just fine. At the very least explore for yourself the benefits of swimming with scoliosis a minimum of a few times per week. Equip your body with one of the best resources there is in the fight against chronic back pain.

Do not let the pain get the best of you. You can endure and overcome! All you must do is find yourself a shallow pool and allow the water to help you. Within just a few sessions you will see improvements even on a small scale. Physiotherapy professionals around the world recommend this problem solver to improve quality of life with scoliosis. No one deserves to suffer, especially when there can be something done about the problem. So, find yourself some floaties and a swimsuit, because the water is calling your name! Your spine and back will thank you for it.