Do you find your spine alignment has abnormal curve? If the spine stays in imbalanced position, namely Scoliosis, you may find it limiting your performance and appearance, and may result into lasting pain in the body.

Check out how Balance Core Physio Experts tackle the scoliosis condition and hear from patient’s feedback!

Though scoliosis is defined as a side-bent, it always involves some degree of rotational and side-shift deformities of the spine. At Balance CORE, we adopt a unique 3D Balance Scoliosis Management to treat scoliosis.

This system involves:

Detailed 3D postural analysis

Manual adjustments to reduce misalignment and structural restrictions

Corrective bracing (optional)

Specific corrective exercises and functional training to achieve optimal balance of the spine, in all 3 dimensions / planes

It helps reduce pain, prevent stiffness, improve functional performance and delay worsening of the curve, and is equally effective and beneficial for both children and adults.

The average time needed to get familiarized with our treatment approach ranges from 6 to 10 sessions. After which, some follow up sessions may be needed depending on the age of patient, severity of the curve, whether or not the individual is suffering from pain, and their specific physical demands in daily lives.