Living in the era of rapid technological advancement, people dwelling in urban cities are getting more sedentary in their lifestyle. We sit long hours every day and tend to maintain rigid positions. These habits result in chronic back and neck pain. While everyone agrees that it is important to exercise daily to ensure good health and maintain positive life energy, many people struggle to keep up with a regular exercise routine due to lack of time or even feeling pain due to incorrect exercising postures. Incorrect exercising posture can result in shoulder injuries, hand injuries and weakening of pelvic muscles.

According to Mr. Michael Yan, a physiotherapist with over 17 years of clinical experience, more than 70% of chronic pain sufferers and people who incurred injuries while exercising exhibit weakness in their pelvic and core muscles. When our pelvic muscles weaken, our lower limbs have to exert excessive effort to maintain body balance. Weakness in core muscles can lead to sustained fatigue and over stressing of major joints due to the extra effort our body needs to perform even simple physical tasks. In view of these issues, Mr. Michael Yan has designed a simple and interesting exercise routine called “Life Energy Exercise™”. This unique exercise can help us improve whole body’s muscle functions, and get rid of nagging pain problems. Life Energy Exercise™ is an easy and effective way to take care of our body.

In order to activate the deep core muscle strength, you will need to use a ball that weighs about 1~2kg to perform the Life Energy Exercise™ routine. This exercise consists of 8 different moves. By spinning and swinging the ball around our body, we can improve our general flexibility and core muscle strength, thus revitalizing and enhancing our body energy. Each move can be practiced individually, or linked up as a routine, and can even be repeated like a loop. It is recommended that we practice the Life Energy Exercise™ twice a day to maintain good health and prevent body aches.

Initial post:

  • Relax all 4 limbs.
  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart with knees slightly bent.
  • Support your weight with your ankles and keep your toes slightly off the ground.
  • Tug in the buttock and pull up your bladder region slightly.
  • Take deep breaths and breathe from your abdomen.

1. Spin to life

Action: Hold the ball in front of your chest and twist the ball. Maintaining the ball’s position while allowing the body to move from side to side. Do this 10 times.
Function: Improve flexibility of wrist and hand.

2. Overhead Circles

Action: Raise the ball over your head and rotate the ball clockwise and anticlockwise. Relax your arms and let the body generate the momentum. Do 10 sets of this exercise.
Function: Improve shoulder flexibility and strength.

3. Vertical Circles

Action: Starting from the ball near the chest, move the ball downwards while stretching your arms. Then swiftly move the ball vertically upwards and retract your arm back to the chest to complete the cycle. Ensure that the buttocks move backward while the ball moves forward. Repeat this cycle 10 times.
Function: Activate body’s deep core muscles.

4. Canoeing Circles

Action: Start with the ball in front of you and swing it from the left side to the right side of your body (similar to the rowing action while canoeing) while allowing your body trunk to rotate along with the ball movement. Do this 10 times.
Function: Improve flexibility of the body’s trunk region and better core muscle control.

5. Horizontal Swings

Action: Swing the ball horizontally at the waist level. Make sure your buttocks moves backward so that you make use of the strength from the pelvic region.
Function: Improve core muscle strength and flexibility of the spine.

6. Downhill circle

Action: Put one leg in front of the other and run the ball along the front leg from your hip to ankle. Do this 10 times and repeat the exercise on the other leg.
Function: Improve flexibility of muscles at the back of the thigh.

7. Vertical Swings

Action: Take on a half squat position. Swing the ball up and down. While the ball moves up, tense the buttocks muscles. While the ball moves down, move your buttocks backwards and relax the buttocks muscles. Repeat this movement 10 times.
Function: Improve hip muscle strength and hip joint flexibility.

8. Big Circles

Action: Straighten your arm and draw big circles with the ball. Use the rotational strength of the pelvic region and relax the arms. Do this 10 times moving in a clockwise direction, and repeat in an anticlockwise direction.
Function: Improve strength and flexibility of pelvic region.