Your favorite game may be exposing you to back pain. There are several ways to avoid back pain injury when playing. You can apply the tips, and you will enjoy your favorite game. Warm-up before each session, and you will reduce the chances of getting an injury. Tennis requires stretching of several body muscles. The muscles should be worked out regularly so that they can easily stretch and relax. Identify trigger points and work on them. Working with a professional tennis coach will increase the chances of enjoying the game without fear of injury.

How to avoid back pain injury when playing tennis

1.  Get a professional racket

The type of ratchet you use when playing tennis will expose you to different stretches. Getting the right ratchet will allow you to hit the ball at the right angles and avoid your injury. Get a professional to custom make your ratchet, and you will avoid the injury. They ratchet come in different sizes; knowing the right size for your body size will increase the chances of enjoying the game. A custom made ratchet will take into consideration your form to avoid back pain injury while playing tennis.

Playing Tennis

2.  Opt for slice serve instead of the kick serve

A kick will tend to strain your back muscles. You can practice using slices to serve most of the time, reducing the chances of developing back pain. The two serving positions will achieve the same effects if you practice well. Take time to practice, and it will be easy to achieve the perfect serve simultaneously, increasing your chances of winning the game.

3.  Use proper for

Physiotherapists in Singapore will advise you always to maintain the right form. There are several muscles involved as you play tennis. It is good to ensure you maintain the right posture and coordination. It is not easy to attain the right form, but you will get the perfect posture as you play through practice. You may have to work with a professional physiotherapist who will advise on the perfect posture to maintain at all times.

4.  Exercise your core regularly

When playing tennis, the core will have to work a lot. To avoid cases where the core will get strained, it is essential to regularly work out the core. Come up with a workout routine and ensure you work out the core. Attending your local gym will be a great way to go about it. The gym instructors will teach you the right exercise you will do to make your core stays in the perfect shape. Apart from working out the core, try to incorporate other workout sessions to be in good form. During the game, you will have to make quick moves, and they require a high level of fitness. Ensure to come up with a workout routine to get the best out of your workouts.

5.  Wear the right tennis shoe

When tennis, the shoe will offer the right support. It is hard to attain the right form if you do not have the right shoe. There are several brands of tennis shoes in the market. Get one that will fit your feet well. The shoe should fit well so that you can make the quick moves as you play tennis. Try the shoe before the tournament. Some shoes can appear to be the right size, but they are not the perfect fit. Fit them in advance and ensure they fit well. Your coach will advise you on the right shoes you can wear to enjoy the best play experience. Wear the shoes when practicing before the tournament. A right fitting shoe will make you enjoy the game. Remember your comfort matters when it comes to achieving the best results. Research on the right tennis shoe you can get in the market before settling on one. You may have seen professional tennis players wear some shoes, you can get them, and they will work well to assure you the best play experience.

Tennis ball

6.  Stretch well before and after playing

Each time you are about to play tennis, you should start by stretching the muscles. It is easy to avoid back pains if you can take time to warm up before the game. You will be exposed to different stretches as you play tennis. To make the muscles get used to the quick stretches you will make when playing the game, you should ensure you stretch during warm-ups. It is essential to work with a highly skilled tennis coach, and he will advise you on the right steps you can take to enjoy the game. It is easy to reduce the chances of developing injury when playing tennis if you can invest in the workout sessions.

7.  Consult a Coach

Your tennis coach will have solutions to most of your back pain issues when playing. The professional has been playing the game for a long time, and they know what it takes for you to avoid the injury and enjoy the game. The best tennis coach will offer you the right tips to apply to avoid back pain injury while playing tennis. Some of the things you will do are simple. You will have to develop a routine where you will prepare the muscles well before the game. Ensure you work with the best coach who has a lot of experience in the field. It is necessary to carry out background research on the different tennis coaches available before deciding to invest in a given coach.

8.  Strengthen your upper back muscles.

There are several exercises you can do to strengthen your upper back muscles. For instance, you can do row and pull exercises. Working out the upper back muscles will make you develop a healthy back that will revisit injuries as you make different moves during the game. The muscles should be worked out regularly to develop the strong form you need to enjoy the game. There are different sets of exercises you can perform, and they will contribute towards making you enjoy the game to the fullest.