Football is one of the most loved games in Singapore. The game has a lot of fans who support both the Singapore Football National Team and international clubs as well. However, the chances of getting injuries while playing the game are high compared to other sports like tennis. Injuries can occur during matches or even during practice; this is because of the high-speed collisions found in the game.

Research states that out of three football players, one of them suffers from back pain. This is because it is one of the most regular injuries in the game. Moreover, young football players who suffer from this are likely to get structural injuries. Hence their cases should be taken seriously.

Symptoms of Back Injury

You might be probably new to this scenario and wondering what some of the symptoms that would indicate that you have a back injury are. Well, the symptoms include;

Experiencing pain in the back that usually begins as an ache and becomes a continuous or steady pain which can make you very uncomfortable. The pain occurs on the lower or middle part of the back, and it may spread to other parts of your body such as the buttocks, thighs and in other instances, the toes. It will pose a challenge when undertaking activities such as running or moving. Sometimes the pain might increase when sitting down.

You can also experience weakness and numbness in the hips, legs and feet, and it is an indication of having pain on your back. This might result in the lower part of your body being ineffective in performing other activities.

If you are experiencing some of these symptoms, it is advisable to visit your health care provider. Ignoring the pain might result in other serious conditions that may force you to quit football. This may make you depressed or affect your mental health.


The back pain experienced by football players can be as a result of poor techniques while playing the game or during practice. It can also pose a danger to your opponents since you can also hurt them. Also having weak abdominal muscles while playing the game can result in experiencing pain in the back.

Many things cause a decrease in flexibility, but it will hinder you from making some movements and increases your chances of experiencing pain in the back a lot of times. That is why you should make sure you are flexible before taking part in the game.

Notably, there are several ways that might help prevent the back pain experienced by football players from arising in the future and disrupting your daily activities. They require little effort but will be of great help to you

How to prevent the pain from developing

If you are a football player, it is recommended that you visit a chiropractor. This might sound new to you, but they will be of great help to you since they can offer you advice on ways you can stay safe and give you care that will improve your performance.

Even if you are young one injury may make you stop playing for the rest of your life, and this might be the end of your career, and therefore you should follow the three ways that are provided below to avoid back pain. These ways are effective whether you visit a chiropractor or not. They include;

Having a consistent workout routine. Before playing the game, you should have already done some workouts on several occasions, and this will help you be stronger to participate in the game. Your muscles will also stretch.

Not taking part in the game when you are weak or sick. Some players are so obsessed with the game that despite being sick, they still want to take part instead of taking sick leave. This would make them prone to experiencing pain in their backs.

Ensuring that you have proper techniques and forms while playing in the defense area and when tackling your opponents. Research has proven that this can be an effective way of preventing the back pain experienced by football players.

Treatment Options.

There are some treatment options that may be of help to remove the back pain experienced by football players. Some of the methods can be done at home while others require a professional to perform them. They include;

Using an ice pack and placing it on your back might bring you relief from the pain that you are experiencing. However, not every pain in the back can be relieved by an ice pack; it depends on the magnitude of the injury.

Taking anti-inflammatory drugs which may help in reducing pain and inflammation, but some drugs such as Aspirin cannot be taken by a player who is years or younger because it can result in some risks.

Doing some non-strenuous workout routines such as walking for a few minutes within 24 to 72 hours from when you started experiencing the pain.

Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, might be of great help in overcoming the pain. It comprises methods such as massage, heat treatment and some exercises that will help restore, maintain and increase the patients’ mobility function.

There are several physiotherapists in Singapore who offer exemplary services, and the chances of getting relief from the pain you are experiencing are high. If you are a young player experiencing these issues as a result of football, you do not have to worry about going abroad to acquire these services since you can get them in the country.

Young football players should take care of their backs, and the above information will help them in the process. Also, they should ensure that they follow the above preventive measures so that they can play throughout the season and as long as they want. Football is where the magic is experienced, and it will be depressing if you do not get the chance of experiencing the magic due to the pain from your back.