Golf is becoming one of the most popular games in Singapore. This can be attributed to the increase in golf clubs and areas where you can play the sport. Also, advancement in technology has played a role in making the game more popular because providing more types of equipment that contribute to the game being easier have been introduced.

Golf is similar to any other sport, and the player can get injuries in the lower back or Spine. Low back pain is the most common injury, and it can hinder you from playing the game. People who suffer from this injury continuously may even opt to quit.

However, they are some preventive measures that can be taken to prevent the condition from arising. Though a little effort is required in the process, it will assist you to avoid back pain. They are four significant areas in the prevention process. Notably, the Prevention process can also help you avoid back pain while playing Golf.

Doing a warm-up before starting to play

Moving from your daily errands and going straight to playing the game may sprain your back muscles which will result in having low back pain. However, if you opt-in doing a warm-up before the game, it might help your muscles to be prepared for the game and help you to avoid back pain.

The warm must include stretching which should be emphasizing on areas such as the shoulder, torso and hips. You can opt to stretch both your shoulder and torso by holding the golf club on the back of your neck and shoulders then you rotate the torso. Hips can be stretched by drawing the knee closer to the chest.

Notably, Golf practice should start with smaller exercises and proceed to the complex ones so that the muscles can adapt to the process. Muscles that are being stretched gradually to advanced stages are less likely to get injured while playing the game. They can also accommodate more stress without being sprained or strained, and you can avoid back pain while playing Golf.

Swinging before starting the game

The golf swing is an important aspect because it develops the clubhead speed, which requires a lot of force and twisting that might result in lower back pain. Therefore a golfer should emphasize a smooth swing that will cause less stress on the lower back which will aid you to avoid back pain since there will be less pain.

A proper swing allows the shoulder, hip, chest and lower Spine to rotate and divide the weight of the swing. When the shoulder and hip both turn together with the wrist, much clubhead velocity will be produced compared to a stiff arm swing.

Achieving a good balance while playing the game is quite easy. All you need is to bend the knees and place your feet on a shoulder-width apart. The Spine must be in a straight position while the golfer bends forward from the hip region. The weight must be evenly distributed on the balls of the player’s feet.

Research states that an easy, fluid swing helps in the reduction of stress on the lower back and might help avoid back pain while playing Golf. Also, a beginner should work with a golf pro when they are learning more about the game. A golf swing is not a natural response that is why golf lessons should be given to older golfers that have experienced a decrease in flexibility and strength.

Appropriately positioning the golf bag while carrying it.

Bending several times so that you can pick up a golf bag might lead to stress in the lower back that will result in muscle strain. Also, a player may opt to use an integrated golf type of bag which opens when the bag is placed on the ground, and there will be no need to bend over.

Carrying your golf bag around sounds like a perfect way of exercising. This is a good idea, but bag straps will place a lot of pressure on one shoulder, which may be hard on the back. Hence the recommended type of golf bag is the dual straps that will ensure an equal distribution on the weight across the bag, which will help you avoid back pain that results from an uneven load.

Treating Back pain that results from playing golf

If you are experiencing back pain as a result of playing Golf they are several ways you can go about it, and they include;

Taking a one day or two rest depending on the magnitude of the injury. Resting might help your muscles to heal, and you can apply heat or ice on your lower back which might be effective to help your muscles to relax.

Taking pain killers. Painkillers such as Ibuprofen or Naproxen may help to decrease the pain and inflammation. Acetaminophen might be of help when taken together with such medicines. You can also visit your doctor or pharmacist to get the appropriate drug for you.

Gently exercising. It would help if you didn’t stress your inflamed muscles any further hence pausing on playing the game will be the best decision. Also doing exercises that have less impact on your muscles might help you. This includes walking for a few minutes daily. After the pain has stopped, you can go back to playing the game but gradually.

Physiotherapy might also help out. This includes massage, heat treatment and some exercises that will be suitable for you at that instance. The Physiotherapy treatment will aid in restoring, maintaining and increasing your mobility. It might also help in physical rehabilitation, preventing injuries, and maintaining your health and fitness.

The difficult question might be where to find physiotherapists in Singapore who will offer an exemplary service. Well, they are a lot of experienced physiotherapists who will help you through the process. They are distributed throughout the Country. Hence you do not have to worry about how to access a physiotherapist.

If you are a golf player, then you should follow the above regulations and recommendations so that you can continue playing the game for as long as you want because Golf is not only a game but a chance to relieve all your stress.