back pain prevention

Back pain causes a person to limit the activities they do and even their movements. It is very common for people who are aged 16 and above. Surprisingly, back pain not only happens because of an injury but it can also happen due to a lot of factors. 

Back pain is incredibly uncomfortable and can increase the stress levels of a person. Luckily, there are treatments and therapy sessions available to improve all sorts of back pain like axial, radicular, and lower back pain. If you want to know more about the pain you are feeling in the neck area or back, you can read it here and learn why it happens.

Why Does It Happen?

To get the best medical advice from your doctor, you should know the possible factors that may have caused your back pain. Doing so will not only help your doctor clearly understand your situation, but it will also save you time. Back pain that happens suddenly without any injury involved is usually caused by the wrong position you are doing. Besides that, here are some of the common causes of back pain:

1. Your mattress is no longer in good condition

Sleep is important to every individual. It keeps the body healthy, hydrated, and relaxed. Sleep can also reduce stress. But, having a mattress that has broken springs or is not properly supporting your body won’t do any good for you. You will end up waking up every night finding a comfortable position. This can be the cause of your back pain. 

The middle area of the mattress usually becomes uneven as time goes by. When this happens, this causes the spine to be in a neutral position that it curves out which in the morning will result in the aching of your back. When you feel or notice that your mattress is no longer supporting your back or torso in the right way, this is the perfect sign for you to replace it. Go for a mattress that is not too firm but is comfortable and enough to support the whole body.

2. You spend more time using your phone or computer rather than doing physical activities

People nowadays tend to be on their devices for the whole day. Most corporate workers are always faced with computers which can sometimes be tiring for them causing them to slouch. Slouching or sitting for hours can put pressure on the spine. This leads to the aching feeling you can experience when you’ve been sitting for the whole day and looking down on your phone or computer. 

People will prefer to stay at home and pass their time using their phones during their days off rather than doing outdoor activities. This is why back pain is quite common in today’s generation. Physical therapists would suggest going for walks now and then can help to reduce the risk of back pain. A few stretches can also help.

3. You may be experiencing Osteoporosis

Some people are not aware that they have osteoporosis until they feel a certain pain in their spine and have it checked. Osteoporosis weakens the bones causing it to get easily fractured. This also results in the difficulty of carrying your own weight. Osteoporosis usually happens in the upper area of the back. A person experiencing this will appear to have a slouched back which furthers worsen the back pain. Make sure to correct your posture from time to time and to take vitamins that contain calcium to strengthen your bones.

4. Poor posture

Like what I mentioned earlier, poor posture can worsen back pain. Sitting for a long period of time can make a person slouch, and slouching creates a rounded appearance on the back. Most employees who work in offices usually experience back pain due to poor posture. For them, slouching and not sitting properly can be very tempting especially when they’ll be on their office desk for a long period. 

There are few remedies you can do to avoid back pain from poor posture. Stretching and walking around the office can help to reduce the risk of upper back pain. Keep in mind that when your back gets used to the slouching, your back will stay rounded and bent forward and the only time you can correct it is when you do some stretching exercises. 

5. Your heavy backpack causes your back pain

Teens and young adults tend to use backpacks especially when they go to school. This makes it easier for them to carry all their stuff including their laptops and other gadgets. Little do they know that this can cause the spine to have a neutral position. Also, carrying your overloaded backpack using only one shoulder can lead to upper back pain.

6. Women going through their monthly period can experience lower back pain

Cramps commonly happen to women who are experiencing their menstruation. This can be felt during their menstruation while the lower back pain can be felt before and after it happens. The reason why they get lower back pain or cramps is because of the high levels of prostaglandins. Avoid drinking or eating cold products to prevent this.

How To Prevent Back Pain?

Improving one’s lifestyle and physical condition by practicing proper body mechanics can help a lot with reducing or preventing back pain. With the various therapies and physical activities doctors recommend, one can enjoy their day without experiencing back pain. Here is a fantastic read about the preventive measures you can do to avoid certain back pain. Keep you back healthy and strong by doing the following:

  • Practice proper posture – avoid slouching at all costs. Do not twist your spine or maintain a position that keeps the spine curved. Stand and sit straight. If you feel tired, do some stretches and walk around for a bit. As tempting as slouching can be, keep in mind that it is one of the common causes of upper back pain. Also, having good posture can reduce stress and make a person feel more confident about themselves. When sitting, choose a chair that has proper back support and arm support (chairs with armrest). Put a pillow at the back for support.
  • Practice proper lifting – some people experience sudden lower back pain that lasts for weeks because of lifting heavy objects in the wrong way. A way to avoid this is when lifting, keep the back straight and put all the pressure on the legs and trunks. Also, ask help from someone else to avoid any injury. When an injury happens, doctors may require you to attend physical therapy to soothe the pain. For mild back pain, you can take pain relief medication.
  • Exercise by building muscle flexibility and strength – aerobic exercises are very beneficial for overall health. It increases the strength and endurance on the back allowing the muscles to function better. Strengthen your core by doing back exercises. This will help condition the muscle in your lower back which then serves as a natural corset for the back. Improve the flexibility of you back to avoid any sudden aching or cramps. Visit a physical therapist to know which exercises they can recommend to you.
  • Maintaining a healthy diet – carrying too much weight can cause back pain as the bones may find it difficult to carry the excess weight. Consider losing some weight by eating more healthy foods and fewer junk foods.