Back pain while playing basketball

How to prevent back pain while playing basketball

Like most athletes suffering from back pain, you may have a habit of ignoring the pain while playing basketball, hoping that it will disappear on its own, or even be using short-term pain relievers to fight the pain. As a basketball player, you may find it necessary to avoid being on the bench during a…

Ice skating

Ice Skaters and Typical Back Pain and Injury Causes

Back Pain Injuries for Ice Skaters: Possible Reasons There’s no disputing that ice skating is one of the most graceful sports out there. There’s also no disputing, however, that any and all sports come with the risk of injury. If you’ve ever wondered about back pain injuries for ice skaters, then you’re not alone. Back…

Ice skating

Prevention of Ice Skating Back Pain Injuries

Ice skating is a mainstream action this season, regardless of whether you partake in figure skating as a game or are simply heading off to the ice skating arena for a pleasant excursion with the family. Indoor ice skating arenas make it simple for everybody to partake, regardless of whether you don’t live in a…

playing Golf

Treating Low Back Pain from Golf

Golf and back pain (particularly low back pain) go hand in hand, right? As golfers, we get told this ALL the time. Anyone who loves playing golf knows that golf injuries are a part of the game, especially low back pain. The question then becomes how to alleviate back pain effortlessly because I assume that…

tennis player

What Causes Back Pains for Tennis Players?

Almost 100% of back pain cases for tennis players have a peculiar tendency of lacking physical abnormalities. Instead, they present an interesting pattern involving fractures, stressed discs, and spines. What are the possible causes of back pain in this manner? Read along to find out what they are, and some possible remedies. Movements while exercising…

When to get help for low back pain

Low back pain (LBP) is common, with 80% of adults likely to experience it in their lifetime. This group includes individuals from their early twenties and continues throughout adulthood. Factors such as prolonged sitting, sedentary jobs, falls, highly physical jobs, cigarette smoking, obesity, and extreme tallness increase the risk of experiencing low back pain.  Lower…


Best Exercises to Avoid Knee Pain

Conventionally, treatment for knee pain has been focused around the knee itself. But, in fact, most knee problems are not standalone conditions. In this article, our physiotherapists in Singapore will share with you how we can help your knee pain by addressing the root problems and also some exercises to avoid knee pain. Like any…


In contemporary times, many cases associated with back pain have risen considerably in an alarming manner. These pains have been researched and found to be the fifth among other reasons that make people attend hospitals. Back pains could denote some ailments that are developing or already exist, such as cancer, autoimmune disease, infection. These pains…


Scoliosis is a condition that results in the curvature or twisting of the spine to the side. This condition causes discomfort and pain in the back muscles as it causes the rib cage to pull out of position. Although it is not rampant in adults, it is not uncommon in children. Most of the reported…

back pain prevention

Reasons Why Excessive Sitting and Sedentary Lifestyle Lead to Back Pain

In the modern world, many people spend time sitting down behind a desk connecting with clients across the globe. Gone are the days when most business owners meet customers by traveling across the world. In addition to that, it all boils down to sedentary work that involves no movement but sitting in one place during…


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