Corrective Exercises

Corrective Exercises

Research has shown that exercise is a safe and effective method for treating and managing a range of conditions when performed correctly. Our physiotherapists at Balance Core tailor specific and corrective exercises to suit every patient’s individual needs after a comprehensive assessment and analysis.


Different types of exercises are designed to target different bodily systems to improve various aspects of fitness and health. These include your cardiovascular fitness, muscular fitness (i.e., muscular strength and endurance), coordination and balance, mobility and stability. Depending on your health concerns and/or injury, our physiotherapists will design an exercise programme to correct posture, movement errors, and enhance fitness.


Corrective exercises are beneficial in managing and improving:

Pain (Acute and Chronic)


Postural and Alignment Issues

Sports Injuries

Sports Performance

Operation Outcomes (Pre- and Post-Operative Management)

Cardiovascular or Muscular Deconditioning

Difficulties in Daily Activities

Pregnancy-related Issues

Weight Management

Corrective exercises are an essential component of self-management even after discharge from physiotherapy. To prevent recurrence of discomfort and injury, maintaining your fitness through appropriate and safe exercises is vital. Even after you are discharged from physiotherapy, you are welcome to attend review sessions to ensure that you are performing your exercises correctly and safely. Our physiotherapists are also able to provide follow-up sessions to further assist you in your exercises should your activity requirements change.


If you have difficulty performing exercises due to pain, weight or load issues, water-based exercise sessions can also be arranged at a swimming pool convenient to you. Water-based exercises make use of water buoyancy to allow you to exercise with less stress through your joints and water pressure to reduce swelling and pain, thereby providing you with a gentler exercise programme.