Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates

Pilates is an exercise method that places emphasis on alignment, breathing, core strength and control, coordination, and balance. It is popular because it is low impact and generally safe for most people to participate in. The difficulty and intensity of the exercises can also be adjusted to be as low or as high as required. Regular Pilates training can help to improve strength, endurance, coordination, balance and posture.


At Balance Core, we have physiotherapists who are trained in Pilates with DMA Clinical Pilates certification and Polestar Pilates certification. Combining professional physiotherapy background with Pilates concepts, a suitable exercise programme can be designed to suit each client’s unique needs. We incorporate clinical Pilates as a form of exercise therapy that is used in conjunction with other therapeutic techniques to help our clients achieve their goals.

Common Conditions and Concerns That Do Well With Clinical Pilates

It is important to note that no one single form of exercise can solve pain or injury. Clinical Pilates is often used in conjunction with a holistic physiotherapy treatment plan that includes a complete assessment, and a combination of therapeutic techniques. As a form of exercise therapy, we have found that people with the following issues benefit the most from Clinical Pilates:


The imbalance of muscular tension and strength can be targeted with Pilates together with the focus on breathing

Postural errors

Pilates is helpful for building core control and muscular endurance to improve posture

Low back pain

Low back pain caused by poor core control and muscular imbalance can benefit from a combination of Physiotherapy techniques including Pilates as a part of exercise therapy

Hip pain

Hip tightness or instability can benefit from mobility exercises and stability exercises used in clinical Pilates

Knee pain

Overloading in the knees can be reduced through the improvement of core strength and control and better muscular endurance that can be improved with clinical Pilates

Shoulder pain

Overload in the shoulders often stem from poor core control and poor rib and scapular mobility. Clinical Pilates can be beneficial to improve these issues.

Foot pain

The lower limbs are often overloaded when there is a lack of postural stability which can benefit from clinical Pilates.

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