Sports Massage

person getting a sports massage

For professional and amateur athletes alike, bodily aches, pains, and injuries are part and parcel of the sport they enjoy. Training for and competing in a sport requires repeated motions that can result in tightness, fatigue, and discomfort.


Sports massage by trained therapists improves blood flow, promotes recovery, improves performance, and reduces risks of injury. At Balance Core, our therapists are adept in assessing and targeting the specific areas in your body that are more susceptible to overload and strain in your sport and training. As every sport and every athlete is unique, the massage provided will be tailored specially to suit each patient and client.


Whether you are new to your sport or a veteran athlete, get in touch with us if you:

  • Have pain and discomfort related to your sport or training
  • Have an injury that is limiting your participation in daily activities or sport
    Want to improve your performance
  • Want to accelerate your recovery
  • Are unsure if sports massage is suitable for you