How to avoid knee pain while playing basketball

25 Nov 2020

For those that love playing basketball, staying on the court and producing is the number one priority. Playing through knee pain is a way of life for basketball players, but the same can cause long-term injuries that can keep you on the bench for far longer than you would like. Pushing through the pain during …

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Back pain in Golf

24 Nov 2020

Golf is becoming one of the most popular games in Singapore. This can be attributed to the increase in golf clubs and areas where you can play the sport. Also, advancement in technology has played a role in making the game more popular because providing more types of equipment that contribute to the game being …

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Back Pain in Young Football Players

23 Nov 2020

Football is one of the most loved games in Singapore. The game has a lot of fans who support both the Singapore Football National Team and international clubs as well. However, the chances of getting injuries while playing the game are high compared to other sports like tennis. Injuries can occur during matches or even …

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Common back pain injuries experienced by basketball players

20 Nov 2020

They say basketball is a non-contact sport, but don’t you believe it. When a football player gets tackled on the field, he is wearing protective pads to protect their hips, pelvis, and tailbone. However, when either a female or a male basketball player hits the deck, there is nothing but a thin layer of polyester …

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Common Back Pain Injuries Experienced While Playing Football

19 Nov 2020

Being involved in sporting activities like football can make you fit. However, there are some injuries that you may experience from the sport in different body parts, especially the back region. Such injuries can be due to inadequate training programs or an accident due to fall while in motion. Back pain injuries in football can …

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Common Causes of Back Pain While Playing Golf

18 Nov 2020

Back pains are common with golfers due to the nature of golf as a sport. This sport is increasingly becoming popular among Americans among baby boomers. However, playing golf can result in several injuries with several professional golfers reporting severe back issues. Although golf is considered a low-intensity sport, injuries can still happen in the …

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Eliminating back pain from playing tennis

17 Nov 2020

Playing tennis is a good way to keep an active lifestyle and be healthy at any stage during our lifetime. It can help us whether as teenagers or as a mature adult. It is a no-contact sport so we avoid injuries due to impact as is the case with some other sports. Also, tennis courts …

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Exercises needed by basketball players to avoid back pain

16 Nov 2020

Basketball can be a rough sport. With all of the stretching, leaping, and even crouching, the muscles are put through just as much stress as the player himself. Over the course of a game the body of a player can see enough stress that it can cause a wide variety of sprains, bruises, and other …

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Exercises that help Soothe Back Pain from Playing Football

13 Nov 2020

According to the US National Library of Medicine(NLM), most people suffer from lower back pain at some point in their lives. However, some people with a significantly higher risk of acute spinal injuries and back pain because of their lifestyle. If you are a footballer, you are more likely to sustain injuries and suffer pain …

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How to Avoid Back Pain Injuries While Ice Skating

10 Nov 2020

Skating is a prevalent activity that takes place mainly during winter. You might be skating for fun or as a sport, but you should always avoid back pain whatever reason you’re doing it. Even if you do not live in an area with a lot of ice and snow, you can always ice skate indoors. …

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