Can Scoliosis affect running?

24 Feb 2021

Many people have Scoliosis, a curvature of the spine. Often, it is a genetic condition that presents itself with a variety of symptoms, everything from pain to limited motion can be an indication of Scoliosis. In most cases, Scoliosis treatment for mild cases does not require a brace. However, in women, the condition can be …

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Running with Scoliosis

23 Feb 2021

There is a way that the spinal cord should curve but in some people it bends more than usual. Viewed from the back, a normal spine looks straight but in people with Scoliosis theirs looks C or S shaped on an X-ray machine. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with this disease …

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Scoliosis in runners participating in Running

19 Feb 2021

What is scoliosis? Scoliosis is a sideways curve of the spine. It may also be a twist or rotated with the ribs pulled with it and distorting the shape of the chest. It occurs most often during rapid spurts of growth during adolescence. Though some conditions seem to cause scoliosis, the cause in most cases …

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Everything You Need to Know About Swimming with Scoliosis

17 Feb 2021

Being diagnosed with Scoliosis can be confusing. You do not know what you can and what you cannot do. What is this disease? It is characterized by the spinal cord having an s or c-shaped curve when viewed from the back using an x ray machine (instead of being straight). Its onset is at young …

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Swimming as Exercise for Scoliosis

9 Feb 2021

In early pubescence, some children develop a condition called scoliosis, a curvature of the spine. This curve could take on the shape of a C or an S and may range from mild to severe. Measured in degrees, you would consider a mild curve in single digits, while a severe curve refers to one measuring …

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The Benefits of Swimming With Scoliosis

3 Feb 2021

Scoliosis is an unnatural curve in the spine that affects countless people across the globe. The vertebrae can take the shape of an S or a C. Severity ranges from being mild to very harsh. Children and young adults begin to see symptoms in their teenage years. Worse forms of this malady can create breathing …

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Ballet And Scoliosis

1 Feb 2021

Experiencing scoliosis as a ballet dancer can make it difficult to conduct camber or arabesque movements without causing so much pain in the back. If you currently have scoliosis, then you are aware of the nagging discomfort that can occur. Being able to strengthen your core with conditioning can easily provide more support to the …

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How does ballet affect scoliosis?

29 Jan 2021

Does ballet help scoliosis treatment? Or does taking part in the dance grow the risk of scoliosis? There is a growing amount of research that seems to show evidence that dancing might grow your risk of getting the condition. For those who do not dance this link might look a bit odd however for dancers, …

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The Easy Ways Ballet Dancers Use to Overcome Scoliosis

25 Jan 2021

Scoliosis can occur to anyone at any age. It’s a musculoskeletal disorder caused by several issues that affect the skeletal muscle of a human being. There are also several ways people use to manage the condition and treatment trials. Physiotherapy can help in scoliosis treatment. However, it would be best to get the right knowledge …

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Gymnasts Overcoming Scoliosis

22 Jan 2021

Scoliosis is a spinal condition affecting over seven million in the United States alone. It affects many children in those seven million people. Oftentimes, scoliosis athletes don’t want to give up their physical activities. In some cases of scoliosis in children, experts recommend surgery to correct the spine. Surgeons tell these adolescents of the reality …

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